My favorite thing about my job is when I receive positive feedback about how we’re doing and who we’re doing it for.

Like when I hear a student say something like this in his graduation speech: “At High Road, I was able to learn. My teachers were patient and caring. They wouldn’t let you give up. They always found a way to teach you.”

Or when a parent writes to tell us something like this: “One of the best hallmarks of the Sierra School is its flexibility. They adapt to the child’s needs, they don’t make the child adapt to the program.” Or this: “In his new program at the Anthony Wayne Academy, my son hasn’t been suspended all year!”

As one of the largest, most reputable, and fastest-growing private providers of K–12+ special and alternative education in the country, SESI has a lot to be proud of. We’re proud of the fact that we launched our first school close to 30 years ago with a student body numbering 59, and today thousands of LD, ED, ASD, and at-risk students are enrolled in our ˜60 state-approved programs, schools, and academies. We’re proud of the growth and success we’ve witnessed on the basis of a highly effective educational model that continues to be refined and enhanced year after year. We’re proud of our incredible staff—more than 1,000 members strong—all of whom are incredibly dedicated to their jobs, and even more dedicated to the kids we serve. And we’re especially proud of a culture we’ve all created together, one that you can only fully appreciate by experiencing it firsthand.

When you enter one of our schools, you might not immediately see this culture—you might not hear it or be able to touch it. But you’ll feel it. It’s what goes on inside any of our schools that makes SESI so special: unbreakable bonds between student and teacher; a stimulating environment of interactive learning; a consistent structure that provides stability and continual support to engaged students; a dynamic interplay among colleagues who respect one another; genuine caring among all our school families; and an unwavering focus on improving young lives in need.

Our cutting-edge services for students with special needs, our innovative curriculums, our computer-assisted instructional approaches, and our unique classroom setup—all of these features play a vital role in the company’s composition. But it’s the SESI culture that’s essential to our signature formula—that’s what forms our unshakable foundation and that’s what you won’t find anywhere else. And nowhere is the impact of this culture more evident than on the smiling faces of the students who walk our halls, students who are experiencing successes, both great and small, both in and out of the classroom, sometimes for the first time in their lives.

So I invite you to experience this uniquely warm, nurturing, and vibrant culture for yourself, to visit any of our schools across the country and observe what goes on there. When you’re looking for the best possible placement for one single child, my firmest hope is that within our four walls, you’ll have found the right home.


Michael L. Kaufman, Ph.D.