Since SESI opened the doors of our very first school, our guiding principle has stayed intact:

Building student confidence and competence
through personalized academic and
behavioral interventions

We personalize our interventions because we don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach to educating children with special needs. Rather, flexibility is the crucial component of our educational model, allowing us to customize our teaching strategies to target identified deficits and access each student’s utmost potential.

This highly individualized instruction combines with a values-driven incentive system to create a nurturing environment characterized by high accountability and high reinforcement. As students experience even the smallest academic and personal successes, they feel empowered to keep mastering skills and striving toward greater accomplishments.

The end result is a continuous positive cycle of effort and reward, effective teaching and productive learning, that heightens self-esteem, fosters individual achievement, and betters young lives.