Alternative Education Programs for At-Risk Students

SESI has an unwavering belief in the potential of our nation’s youth—that all children have the ability to learn and to succeed, that all children can be inspired to achieve and to attain their goals if given the confidence and competencies to do so.

To realize this vision of guiding underperforming youth to raise their expectations for their own school, work, and life success, we implement a five-pronged alternative education model consisting of:

  1. Pro-Social Peer Culture
  2. Academics
  3. Restoration/Transition Planning
  4. Parental Involvement & Community Outreach
  5. Positive School Environment

On behalf of both our students and the educational partners with whom we collaborate in the best interests of these students, we strive to hit a host of targets each and every day at all of our alternative education program sites:

  • Establish safe, structured school settings that foster active engagement
  • Eliminate on-campus incidents of violence and serious misconduct
  • Apply flexible curriculums and personalized education services and programs to address individual student needs
  • Get high school dropouts back in school, truant students back in the classroom, and all students back on track to high school graduation
  • Turn at-risk youth into at-promise students
  • Replace self-defeating behaviors with self-promoting behaviors
  • Create healthy peer-to-peer relationships
  • Build scholastic and socialization skills
  • Impart real-life tools and resources to produce desired outcomes in the real world
  • Cultivate respect for self and others and an appreciation for the value of education
  • Encourage community participation
  • Empower youth to help themselves by teaching them how to live responsible, productive, law-abiding lives
  • Reenergize hopes and expectations in the classroom and beyond
  • Instill a sense of purpose and place in society at large, pride in one’s abilities, and control over one’s future
  • Fulfill all student Individualized Education Program (IEP) requirements, when applicable
  • Return alternative education students to mainstream schools and classrooms as quickly as possible