Behavior management is a critical component in successfully and holistically educating individuals with autism. SESI’s behavioral programming for students with autism spectrum disorders is multidimensional—some aspects of our positive behavior management program are specific to our autism schools, and some are globally applied across all our schools to create, maintain, and sustain environments that are safe, secure, structured, and nurturing. For all students—disabled or nondisabled—benefit immeasurably when they are held accountable for their behaviors and actions, when they are expected to display respect for self and others, and when they participate in an atmosphere of cooperation. The tenets of our autism behavior management program include:1

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Founded on the principles of modern behavioral learning theory, this scientific approach to behavior management therapy basically uses reinforcement techniques to increase appropriate and desired behaviors and uses extinction procedures to decrease undesirable problem behaviors (including verbal/language issues). Proven effective with autism populations, Applied Behavior Analysis is SESI’s guiding behavior management principle in the treatment of autism spectrum disorders. 

Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA)

An initial behavior analysis conducted by the student’s autism treatment team to determine, among other things, the environmental factors affecting behavior, sensory and language processing levels, and program recommendations for meeting individual objectives.

Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP)

The result of the Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA), the Behavior Intervention Plan is a formalized written document of the student’s IEP/IPP that targets specific behaviors for improvement, devises replacement behaviors, decreases classroom disruptions, and remedies actions/circumstances that are inhibiting academic success.

Positive Behavior Support

The consistent and continual use of positive reinforcement techniques and positive feedback to motivate students, encourage positive choices, and reward desired behaviors.

Token Systems / Level Systems

A schoolwide incentive program that rewards students for self-advancing behaviors and responsible and accountable actions with tokens, school credits, and colorized levels of attainment that earn them on- and off-campus privileges, school store items, and participation in special events.

Behavioral Rating Scales

We use such tools as BASC™-2 , ABLLS-R, and Burk’s Behavior Rating Scale to stay in tune and on target with our students’ behavioral and emotional status.


1.  SESI’s autism services differ at our various schools depending on ASD enrollments and type of program offered;
     therefore, not all program features presented here may be applicable per student, per facility. We can provide any
     and all details about program specifics at individual locations to ensure the best and most suitable placement per child.