High Road School of Perryville (MD)

636 Broad Street
Suite 101
Perryville, MD 21903
Phone: 410-642-9191
Fax: 410-642-9196

Josh Strzegowski

Josh Strzegowski - Director

Associate Director
Ben Colpitts


The High Road School of Perryville is a Type I educational program serving the educational and behavioral needs of students in a therapeutic and structured environment. The program is designed to focus on personalized academic and behavioral goals so students may return to a less restrictive setting as quickly as possible. The goals of the program are as follows:

  • To provide each student with the academic and social skills necessary to be successful at school, at home, and in the community
  • To prepare students to return to a less restrictive setting
  • To prepare students for Maryland State testing programs
  • To provide students with a consistent and structured environment designed to prevent regression and produce both academic and behavioral gains
  • To provide students with an array of cultural and recreational experiences

The High Road School of Perryville is approved by the state of Maryland to service students in grades 1–12 (ages 6 to 21). In addition to primarily serving students with emotional difficulties, High Road provides services for students who also have been diagnosed with specific learning disabilities, communication disorders, physical disabilities, intellectual limitations, and other health impairments. Students are referred to the program through local school systems (e.g., Cecil County Public Schools and Harford County Public Schools); and students may be eligible for the program regardless of their current living situation (parents' home, foster care, Alternative Living Unit, etc.).

A personalized educational program is developed for each student, utilizing the appropriate curriculum from 1st through 12th grades. The High Road School follows the Cecil County Public School calendar, open 180 days per year with student instruction from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The educational program focuses on academic instruction in English, math, science, social studies, and career training. The High Road School is approved by MSDE and is therefore able to offer all courses students need to graduate. The morning is devoted to academic instruction through various forms of tutorials, and the afternoon incorporates academic and recreational activities, including field trips. Additionally, when students are ready, they receive school-to-work training in the community. We also implement a strong behavioral management system schoolwide, which emphasizes the development of appropriate behaviors necessary for scholastic and social success.

We prioritize family involvement at the High Road School of Perryville, and parents are always encouraged to visit the school at any time. Opportunities are available to learn more about our educational program and to become involved in our students' comprehensive educational experience here.