Rivendale Institute of Learning & Center for Autism (Springfield, MO)

1613 W. Elfindale Drive
Springfield, MO  65807
Phone: 417-864-7921
Fax: 417-864-6024

Regional Director
Brooke Violante

Program Director
Stephanie Marshall

Behavior Analyst
Anne Metzger

Rivendale offers two programs on the same campus: the Rivendale Center for Autism (for students with autism spectrum exceptionalities) and the Rivendale Institute of Learning (for students with emotional disabilities and learning disabilities, as well as for those on the spectrum). Our private school, which is approved by the Missouri Department of Education, provides a targeted and effective alternative to traditional public education for students with special needs and allows them to achieve their full capabilities. 

Recognizing and respecting individual differences among individual learners, Rivendale's dedicated teachers instruct students in an environment that emphasizes social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development.

Rivendale’s Keys to Success:

  • Serving Age Range 2–21
  • Individualized Programming & Flexible Curriculums
  • High Staff-to-Student Ratios to Assist Students One-on-One or in Small Groups
  • Remediation Teaching Offered (as needed)
  • ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) Approaches for Autism
  • Warm, Nurturing & Homelike Atmosphere
  • Year-Round Schooling   
  • Continual Professional Development Offered to Staff (for their ongoing education and knowledge of specialty areas in education)

Our overarching goal is to transition students back into a public school as soon as possible. The average length of stay for our students at the Autism Center is 3 years, whereas students at the Learning Institute stay approximately 2 years.